Control, monitoring and protection systems

Control, monitoring and protection systems

Control, monitoring and protection systems

Control, monitoring and protection systems

Control, monitoring and protection systems

Purpose / Description

The control, protection and management system (CPMS) is a uniform information and management complex designed for automation of electric energy conversion and distribution. it incorporates digital protection devices, telemetry equipment, supervisory control systems (SCADA), and an automated energy control and metering system. The hardware-software complex of the system is intended to be used at 750/500/330/220/110/35 kV electric power stations and electrical annexes and can be adapted to different types of basic equipment.

The Company performs the following range of works on creation of control, protection and management systems, including:

  • designing;
  • manufacturing and supply of equipment and software;
  • installation and start-up;
  • commissioning;
  • warranty and post-warranty service.

Performed functions

  • Protection of the equipment and lines against all kinds of failures and damage;
  • automatic control (autoreclosing, underfrequency load shedding, automatic voltage variation, etc.);
  • remote control of the main equipment at a power supply object and remote protection setting;
  • collection, processing and history recording of analog and digital data about operation of the equipment;
  • generation, automatic updating and archiving of the information database;
  • check and diagnostics of the parameters and modes of operation of the equipment;
  • energy metering;
  • check of the correctness of routine switching;
  • display of the substation circuits in real time;
  • logging, storing and viewing of emergency and transient processes in the form of oscillograms;
  • time synchronization;
  • autodiagnostics of the system’s hardware and software.

Features & Benefits

The CPMS is a scalable system which has provisions for integration of other open systems that are already in use at substations, as well as for integration of digital protection terminals of all types available on the market, including equipment of the leading manufacturers such as SIEMENS, ABB, AREVA, GENERAL ELECTRIC, etc. The system components can be used to arrange information interoperability of power engineering objects within a supervisory control system.

Implemented projects

Systems were installed at the following 110 kV substations:

  • Sukharevo, Lynkovskaya, Pleschinitsy (in the Minsk region);
  • Krivoi Kryuk, Lupolovo (in the Mogilev region);
  • Vitebsk-Severnaya (in the Vitebsk region);
  • Equipment was supplied for rehabilitation of the Nemiga and Libknekht substations in Minsk

Systems were installed at the following 330 kV substations:

  • Molodechno-330, Kolyadichi (in the Minsk region);
  • Vitebskaya, Orsha-330 (in the Vitebsk region);
  • Grodno, Ross-330 (in the Grodno region);
  • Baranovichi-330 (in the Brest region);
  • Miradino 330 kV, Krichev 330 kV (in the Mogilev region).