Mobile robotic system «MRS-A1»

Mobile robotic system «MRS-A1»
Mobile robotic system «MRS-A1»

Mobile robotic system «MRS-A1»

Mobile robotic system «MRS-A1»

Mobile robotic system «MRS-A1»

Mobile robotic system «MRS-A1»
Mobile robotic system «MRS-A1»

Purpose / Description

The mobile robotic system "MRS-А1" (MRS) is designed to perform remote combat engineering works using a mechanic arm and attachable equipment (payload modules), visual reconnaissance, monitoring of the environment to detect adverse factors and radio activity as well as explosive vapors, shifting cargo of various application.

The system is based on a small multi-function mobile platform on a crawler unit with extension flippers that enhance the MRS terrain performance. To perform assigned tasks the mobile platform can be equipped with a wide range of payloads and sensors that provide simple MRS control by the operator and better terrain navigation.

The MRS has a multi-functional multilevel mechanic arm (manipulator) that may perform precision transporting and primary inspection of suspicious items, or it can be used as a tool that increases the MRS off-road performance on rough terrain and when overcoming obstacles.

The MRS is controlled by an operator via the easy-to-handle ergonomic remotely control console. Two precision joysticks control the mechanical movements of the MRS.

The MRS power supply system ensures autonomous operation of the mobile platform and control unit for at least 4 hours if the ambient temperature is above zero. The batteries can be promptly changed in the field conditions.

Additional devices with RS485, Ethernet interfaces can be connected to the mobile platform to enhance the performances of the System

Weight of the platform with manipulator and battery

50 kg

Weight of the control unit

11 kg

Dimensions of the system in the in-down position, up to


1 m
0.53 m
0.5 m

Max. weight of the transported cargo

20 kg

Manipulator reach

up to 1.3 m

Manipulator load
incl. at the bottom-out

5 kg
2.5 kg

Independent degrees of freedom of the manipulator

6 (5+grip)

Max. opening of the grip with quick-detachable jaws

130 mm

Video surveillance system

4 video cameras with search light and IR-mode

(2 - on the mobile platform, 1 - on the manipulator,
1 - overview camera)

Mover type

crawler unit

Mover drive

electromechanical transmission

Obstacles bridged

horizontal longitude grade - 35°,
transverse grade - 30°,
rising wall or border - 20 cm

Communication range, wireless link, within line-of-sight

300 m

Environmental temperature

from - 30 to +45°С

Continuous operation at positive temperatures, not less than

4 hours

Interfaces for additional devices

RS485 - 2 pcs.
Ethernet – 1 pc.
analog video NTSC/PAL - 2 pcs.

Max. total power of connected devices

+12V line – 25W
+24V line – 75W

Features & Benefits

The high terrain performance combined with operation via wireless and optical communication links enable to use the mobile robotic system both outdoors and indoors, as well as in conditions of active jamming, poor visibility and accessibility.