Mobile robotic complex Robot-A1

Purpose / Description

The system is designed to carry out remote engineering tasks using the manipulator and detachable equipment (payloads), visual and audio-visual reconnaissance, detect adverse factors and radiation in the environment, transportation of cargo.

The mobile platform of the Robot-A1 Mobile Robotic System may be supplied with remote control platform for different payloads.

The batteries provide autonomous operation up to 4 hours at the temperature above zero. The batteries may be promptly changed in the field.

Dimensions of the platform,

1 m 
0.7 m
0.4 m
Empty weight of the platform
Weight of the transported cargo
30 kg
25 kg
Efficient communication range, wireless link, within line-of-sight 300 m
Obstacles bridged
(without the manipulator)
horizontal longitude grade - 45, transverse grade - 40, rising wall - 25 cm, ground variation up to 6 cm
Mover type crawler unit
Mover drive electromechanical transmission
Travel speed, max. 6 km/h
Continuous operation at positive temperatures, min. 4 hours
Video surveillance system of the platform 2 video cameras with search light and
Manipulator load,
incl. at the bottom-out
8 kg
5 kg
Independent degrees of freedom of the manipulator 6 (5 + grip)
Manipulator reach up to 1.2 m
Vertical manipulator reach 1.5 m
Max. opening of the grip with quick-detachable jaws 180 mm
Manipulator gripping force 10 kg
Video surveillance system of the manipulator 2 video cameras with search light and
Weight of the console 8 kg
Interfaces for additional devices RS232 3 pcs.,
RS485 3 pcs.,
USB 3 pcs.,
NTSC/PAL analogue video 4 pcs.
Total power of connected devices +12V line 35W
+24V line 70W

Features & Benefits

The high terrain performance and mobility of the chassis combined with operation via wireless and optical communication links enable to use the mobile robotic system both outdoors and indoors as well as in conditions of active jamming, poor visibility and accessibility. The wide range of available interfaces and the system software enable connection and configuration of new payloads thus enhancing functionality of the mobile robotic system.