AGAT Automated Traffic Control System (AGAT ATCS)

Purpose / Description

AGAT Automated Traffic Control System (AGAT ATCS) is designed to control traffic and pedestrian flows in small and large cities. AGAT ATCS distinctive features are as follows:

- the system performs continuous monitoring of the traffic flow parameters in a city road network with the extensive use of all types of multiple traffic detectors (such as inductive, radar, infrared and video detectors);

- the adaptive traffic control is performed according to measured or calculated (on the basis of measurements) traffic flow parameters;

- traffic participants are informed about the recommended speed according to the current control plans, with the help of electronic speed indicators;

- traffic participants are informed about the duration of the green and red light signals, existing or potential traffic jams and a possible bypass of jammed points.

AGAT ATCS has been put in ongoing operation in the cities of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk, Baranovichi, and Grodno) and cities of the Russian Federation (Kaliningrad, Novosibirsk).

Features & Benefits

The implementation of AGAT ATCS enables as follows:

combine the human potential and intellectual capabilities of ATCS in order to obtain optimal solutions for traffic control;

apply modern design methods and evaluate the effectiveness of regulatory modes;

form optimal proposals for the use of traffic regulation equipment in terms of a price and quality.

The implementation of AGAT ATCS ensures as follows:
enhance the traffic control efficiency including:
- gain the road network efficiency;
- decrease the traffic delay at crossroads (by 20-25%);
- reduce the fuel petrol and lubricant consumption (by 5-15%);
- reduce the air pollution (by reducing the carbon dioxide , hydrocarbon, nitric oxide and other harmful substances emission by 5-10%);
enhance the traffic safety;
reduced the travel time (by 10-15%);
video monitoring of the traffic situation at the most tense points of  the road network.

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