Multi-purpose emergency Service Call Device “UVS-M”

Purpose / Description
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The multi-purpose emergency service call device is designed to determine road accidents in auto or manual mode and transmit this information to an operator of ERA-RB system via cellular communication channels.


  • communication navigation terminal;
  • user interface module;
  • GPS-GLONASS antenna;
  • GSM/UMTS antenna.


    Satellite navigation systems


    Number of satellite channels

    up to 55 during simultaneous operation of GLONASS and GPS
    up to 30 for discrete operation

    Cellular communication systems

    GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800 MHz, UMTS/HSPA 900/2100 MHz

    Positioning error

    5m in plain view, 10 in height

    Stand-alone operation from the built-in battery (if there is no power supply from on-board power network)

    at least 60 minutes in dial-back wait mode;
    at least 10 minutes in voice communication mode


    USB, CAN, RS-232, RS-485

    Quantity of external inputs

    Supply voltage

    4 digital, 2 analogue ones

    from +10.8 to +35 V

    Power consumption

    No more than 6 W

    Operating temperature

    from -40 to + 85°С

    Hit-and-run shock

    shock acceleration 75 g;
    shock pulse duration – 60 ms

    Multiple mechanical shocks

    shock acceleration 15 g;
    shock pulse duration – 10 ms

    Features & Benefits
    • Emergency calls in case of road accidents are made automatically (in response to a signal from the acceleration indicator included into the terminal) or manually (when the “Emergency call” button of the user interface module is pressed);
    • During emergency calls a minimal data set is transmitted: location of the vehicle, registration number, class of vehicle, etc;
    • Vehicle positioning is performed via GLONASS and GPS satellite navigation systems;
    • Continuous tracking of the vehicle position. Remote diagnostics, info functions;
    • Self-check of all nodes in the device.
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