Purpose / Description

The Centre for collection, storage and processing of data (CCDP) AGAT Energo, established on the basis of OJSC AGAT Control Systems Managing Company of Geoinformation Control Systems Holding is the data-analytical solution for the construction of power accounting system, the main software functions of the upper level performed by the equipment of the Company.

The main concept of the CCDP AGAT Energo is the creation of modern power accounting systems of the Smart Grid level, based on the latest international scientific research and achievements of hardware and software complexes, securing quite a new level of reliability:

measurement of power resources;

control and management of supply, transport and consumption of power resources;

automated transmission, processing and presentation of data as to energy consumption;

formation of situational databases as to energy consumption with elements of data support from the energy consumption management tasks.

The accounting system data allow:

to evaluate the effectiveness of implementation of energy-saving technologies;

to make the calculations of energy consumed transparent;

to quickly receive data as to the current energy consumption,

consumption modes, accuracy control and account devices;

to balance the account as to the groups of accounting devices with the aim of detecting unregistered consumption and cases of affect upon accounting devices.

CCDP AGAT Energo performs the following tasks:

provision of accumulation, processing and analysis of all the data received from the accounting devices;

possibility of technical and/or commercial accounting not only of electricity, but also other types of resources (gas, heat, water) both for industrial and domestic consumers;

day-and-night access to object energy consumption data, data as to the completeness of acquired information and technical condition of the accounting equipment.

CCDP AGAT Energo allows :

implementing new systems of power accounting;

updating the existing power accounting systems;

extending the power accounting systems increasing the number of account posts and types of resources (electricity, water, heat, gas etc.).

Maintenance and Diagnostics

The portal data-analytic structure of the power accounting systems on the basis of CCDP AGAT Energo is aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the business processes and provides to the consumer:


absence of expenses on deployment, maintenance and update of the hardware complex and the specialized licensed software (SW) of the upper system level on the users workstations;

reduction of expenses on production, maintenance and development of infrastructure, maintenance of highly qualified staff;

significant reduction of the ASCAE implementation time;

to define the subscriber fee as the rating unit the point of power account is used:


providing on a real-time basis of complete and current data as to the state of the power object regarding all the types of energy connected (electricity, water, heat, gas, etc.) presented as convenient for analysis;

effective data-analytical servicing of users on the basis of the existing hardware, software and technical equipment;

non-stop functioning;

consultations by qualified staff;


day-and-night access for users to the current energy consumption data of own object from any device, connected to the Internet;

intuitive interface;


authorized access to the system;

complete set of specialized licensed SW;

additional system of data security and reservation;


quick adaptation for the needs of business: extension of number energy resources accounting points;

expansion of list of data resources in accordance with the users needs.

This solution can become a true Assistant to the Director of an enterprise, as this allows providing all the needed data for the situational management of power consumption by the enterprise:

data maintenance of the decision-making process in the tasks of energy management.

analysis of planning and prognosis of consumption of energy resources of the organization;

planning the required events for the decrease of energy consumption and increase of energy efficiency;

control and analysis of efficiency of measures taken.

Features & Benefits

The CCDP activities are regulated by:

The Order of the President of the Republic of Belarus No 450 Licensing definite types of activities of September 1, 2010.

The Statement as to CCDP AGAT Energo and executed in accordance with the schedule of activities of the CCDP AGAT Energo.

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