BK402-series onboard computer

Purpose / Description

The BK402-series computer is designed for use both in stationary premises and in enclosed bodies on wheeled and tracked vehicles (including operation on the move).


  • BK402-series computer;
  • Peripheral equipment (option), including video monitors, a keyboard and a mouse.

Performed functions

The BK402-series computer performs computing and control functions and provides data input-output, storage, processing and display. It can be used:

  • As a central computer;
  • As a computer workstation, when provided with a video monitor, a keyboard and a mouse.

Features & Benefits

The built-in switch for 4 ports allows using the computer for construction of local area networks without the need for an external switch.

The computer is fitted out with fixing devices for mobile installation. The built-in shock absorbers and the shock-absorbing platform ensure that the computer is resistant to mechanical effects.

The computer (without peripheral equipment) meets the requirements of GOST V 25803-91, group 1.1.1 (industrial radio interference field strength levels).

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