BK402-series onboard computer

Purpose / Description

The BK402-series computer is designed to perform computing functions in wheel-type and track-type vehicles and in enclosed bodies both on-the-move and when parked. It can also be used in the stationary facilities.


  • BK402-series computer;
  • Peripheral equipment (supplied at the Customer’s request) including colored video monitors, a keyboard and a mouse.


Central processor unit

Intel Core i7; 2 GHz


4 Gbyte


At least 40 Gbyte

Video controller

integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 (up to 512 MB memory)

Network adapter

2хFast Ethernet 10/100/1000 mbps

External I/O ports:
- Fast Ethernet 10/100/1000 mbps
- USB port, item
- RS-232 port, item
- PS/2 port (for KBD and a mouse), item
- port for monitor connection, item
- ports for in-built Ethernet switchboard

5 (10 upon Customer’s request)
2 (VGA + DVI)
4 ports 10/100 Base TX

Audio interface

Microphone input, audio output

Supply voltage, V


Power consumption, W

Max 50

Operating temperature range, °С

from – 20 to + 50

Increased humidity, %

98 – at the temperature 25 °С

Resistance to mechanical stress:
vibration, g
repeated mechanical shock, g

2 within the bandwidth 1 – 300 Hz


195 x 172 x 367 mm

Performed functions

The BK402-series computer performs computing and control functions. It provides data input-output, storage, processing and display.

It can be used:

  • As a central computer;
  • As a workstation, when provided with a video monitor, a keyboard and a mouse.
Features & Benefits

The built-in switchboard for 4 ports allows using the computer for built-up of local area networks without any external switchboard.

Fasteners available to fix the equipment in the mobile assets.

The built-in shock absorbers and the shock-absorbing platform ensure that the computer is resistant to mechanical stress.

The computer (without peripheral equipment) meets the requirements of state standards GOST V 25803-91, group 1.1.1 (strength levels of industrial radio interference field).

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