14 февраля 2023

AGAT at the exhibition of the board of the State Authority for Military Industry

AGAT at the exhibition of the board of the State Authority for Military Industry


On February 10, 2023, OJSC “AGAT-Control Systems” took part in the exhibition of weapons, military and special equipment as part of the final board of the State Authority for Military Industry.

The exposition of the enterprise presented science-intensive products developed in recent years.

Among the novelties there are:

hardware communication complex on a rapidly deployable platform with a mast device, designed to organize radio relay and cable communication lines, wireless broadband access, DMR radio communication networks as part of field communication nodes of connection control posts.

electronic sealing device designed to indicate the facts of unauthorized access to cargo, with automatic data transmission to the information system of the sealing operator via cellular networks.

power rack to provide power to consumers of mobile military objects, consisting of: insulation monitoring device, high-voltage distribution switchboard panel DPS-13, low-voltage distribution switchboard panel DPS-14, voltage converter electronic module 3N163.

And also on the open and closed areas were demonstrated: mobile hub, mobile terminal, transportable and portable satellite communication stations, satellite navigation and orientation equipment, emergency services call device, R-425 digital radio relay station, etc.

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