Tour to Vitebsk region

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Tour to Vitebsk region

On October 1, a tour of the company’s employees called “Amazing Yelnya” took place.

Fascinating landscapes, crystal clear air, silence and peace – that's what everyone felt and saw after a working week!

On the way, another unique sight awaited everyone: flocks of cranes circle in the sky and land on the fields to gather in a single key and prepare for a long journey to hot countries.

Visiting the monuments of the Great Patriotic War has become a good tradition on every trip. In the vicinity of the town of Glubokoe, the employees of the enterprise paid tribute to the victims of the Nazi concentration camp in Berezveche by visiting the Borok memorial complex, dedicated to the memory of 27,000 Soviet and Italian prisoners of war.

Undoubtedly, the tour gave a lot of positive emotions and a lot of amazing photos!

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