The following services in budgeting (with the help of SXW software system)

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OJSC AGAT Control Systems Managing Company of Geoinformation Control Systems Holding provides the following services in budgeting (with the help of SXW software system):

1. Calculation of the Contract (Agreement) price for participation in negotiations or tenders for choosing a general contractor or subcontractor and making a construction Contract;

2. Calculation of the estimation docs and approval of costs with a Customer, and enhance its cost if required under the Customer request;

3. Presentation of budgets at the Customer or State and Official inspections;

4. Making of report docs upon the executed works: acceptance certificates on fulfilled construction or other special assembly works according to patterns approved by the Ministry of Architecture & Construction;

5. Arrangement of official info on costs of exercised works;

6. Making certificates on extra works;

7. Verification of certificates of fulfilled works (progress payments), contracting (subcontracting) companies;

8. Preparation of a report of construction materials flow in comparison to work standards (-29 pattern);

9. Preparation of docs on construction activity project supply by means of the resource method.

Main kind of works on budgeting:

1. Engineering works;

2. Electric installation works;

3. Low-power networks (LAN, fiber lines);

4. Start-up and commissioning works.


The terms and cost of arranging budget docs is specified in each particular case separately.


The list of conformity certificates is obtained in BELSTROICENTER republican unitary enterprise:

1. Development of front end project (pre-investment) docs of 1-4 complexity class, 0000747- (1st category) since 2015-12-11 till 2020-12-11;

2. Fulfillment of the general designer function of 1-4 complexity class, 0000657- (1st category) since 2015-12-11 till 2020-12-11;

3. Development of project docs chapters for 1-4 complexity class construction sites, 0001509- (1st category) since 2015-12-11 till 2020-12-11;

4. Fulfillment of Customer/ Promoter functions, rendering of engineering services when exercising activities in the domain of 1-4 complexity class constructing sites, 0000792- (1st category) since 2015-05-08 till 2020-05-08;

5. Fulfillment of the general contractor functions, 0003198- (2nd category) since 2015-05-08 till 2020-05-08;

6. Construction of 1-4 complexity class sites, 0003342- (1st category) since 2017-03-24 till 2022-03-24.

    Responsible for ensuring:

    Afanasyev Kirill Nikolaevich

    • Phone: (+375-17) 287-13-84