Board of honour

To be entered on the Board of Honor is a form of incentive for workers of the Company which is the highest award for conscientious work and  contribution to the development of the  Company.

The candidates are nominated by the collectives of units twice a year before the 1st of January (according to the results of year) and before the July 3 (The Republic Day). The decision on to be entered on the Board of Honor is made by the Director of the Company in collaboration with the Trade Union Committee.

The awarding of the workers who are entered on the Board of  Honor  is made by the Director of the Company or by his  Deputy  in  a solemn situation  at the meeting of  labor staffs.

  •     Katherine Alymova
    Katherine Alymova
    Engineer 2nd Category; Section 331
  • Galina Soroka
    Galina Soroka
    Accountant of 2nd Category; Accountant Department
  • Alexander Garkusha
    Alexander Garkusha
    Head of Section 144
  • Natalia Yankovskaya
    Natalia Yankovskaya
    Head; Department of Development & Info Systems Maintenance 
  • Andrew Landyonok
    Andrew Landyonok
    Lead Engineer; Section 447
  • Olga Berestovaya
    Olga Berestovaya
    Lead Engineer on Standardization & Certification; Quality Service, Standardization & Scientific-Technical Info
  • Eugeniy Shisterov
    Eugeniy Shisterov
    6th Grade Miller, Special Technological Department  (Pilot Production) Sector 733
  • Inessa Apochkina
    Inessa Apochkina
    Lead Engineer; Section 247
  • Olga Kuskova
    Olga Kuskova
    Head of Section 542
  • Inessa Hvedchenya
    Inessa Hvedchenya
    Head of Bureau 710, Special Technological Department  (Pilot Production)
  • Vadim Romanov
    Vadim Romanov
    Chief of Quality Control Department
  • Tatyana Shipul
    Tatyana Shipul
    Lead Economist; Department  47
  • Alla Maslennikova
    Alla Maslennikova
    Lead Engineer-Programmer; Section 251
  • Alexei Litskevich
    Alexei Litskevich
    4th Grade Painter, Repairs & Construction Workshop