AGAT at the “MILEX-2023” exhibition

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AGAT at the “MILEX-2023” exhibition

Open Joint Stock Company “AGAT - Control Systems” took part in the International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery “MILEX-2023”. During the exhibition, the AGAT exposition at the open and closed areas of the Minsk-Arena complex was visited by delegations of relevant ministries and departments of the Republic of Belarus and foreign countries-guests of the exhibition, as well as heads and representatives of companies and organizations.

The biggest interest of the guests of the exhibition was attracted to the samples of products presented at the open area, the real time interaction of which was used as the example to demonstrate the command and control system of the tactical control level.

At the meeting of the section “Troop and weapon command and control systems. Radio communication systems and means”, arranged by AGAT within the framework of the 10th International Military-Technical Conference, industry experts were able to exchange views on topical issues of building command and control systems, information security, etc.

The negotiations and meetings held made it possible to establish new contacts, consolidate previously reached agreements and outline directions for promising cooperation in a number of areas.