VOR/DME radio navigation aids

Purpose / Description

The uninterrupted power supply unit for VOR/DME radio range is manufactured jointly with Thales ATM GmbH is a radio navigational aid recommended by the ICAO for short and medium-distance navigation.


- CVOR 431 is a conventional VHF omnidirectional radio range;
- DME 435 distance measuring equipment;
- remote control and status equipment (RCSE).


CVOR  431:

Azimuth error, degree, up to 1
Azimuth stability, degree, up to
Frequency range, MHz
from 108  to 117,95
Modulated subcarrier frequency, Hz
9960 0,01%
Modulation frequency, Hz
30  0,01%
Modulation index
16 0,1 
Modulation depth, %
30 1

 DME 435: 

Frequency range, MHz
from 960 to 1215

for ranges from 0 to 65 nautical miles
for ranges over 65 nautical miles

0,12 nautical mile
0,17 nautical mile
Response efficiency, %,  at least
Traffic capacity, aircrafts, up to

      Features & Benefits

      There is a possibility of either single or double set of the equipment supply with a maximum power output of 50 W or 100 W (referring to CVOR) and 100 W or 1000 W (referring to DME).

      The applied advanced technology fully meets the standards of ICAO requirements.

      VOR antenna has a reduced blind area and higher efficiency, besides it provides better airspace coverage and higher navigation accuracy for the holding zone.

      The equipment provides a high quality and long-term stability of the emission as well as monitoring of signals the real-time.

      The operating program of the built-in BIT control system provides operation, automatic check of the equipment and assessment of parameter variation trends.

      There is the possibility of centralized remote control and monitoring by applying RMMC system at any distance via telephone lines with manual or automatic dialing.

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