RANGIR-RBE Automated Battery Command Post

Purpose / Description

RANGIR-RB automated battery command post is intended for control of a short-range SAM battery both in the centralized mode under control of a higher command post (HCP) and during independent operation of the battery.

Features & Benefits

Systems for real-time control of combat means.

Combat operations and automated control of fire from antiaircraft systems, including the Tor, Tunguska, Strela, Osa, Pantsir and other short-range systems. Control of SAM subunits equipped with portable SAM systems.

Full Mission Support:

Planning, performing tactical calculations, report generation, situation awareness, digital mapping of the situation.

Modular Design:

System adjustment for the active inventory of batteries, complex of channel-forming communication facilities, connectivity to assorted sensors.

Flexible and friendly decision support tools.

Friendly human-system interface.

Operational and field proven.

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