R-429 digital decimetric wave band radio-relay station

Purpose / Description

The R-429 digital radio-relay station is designed for creation of wireless line-of-sight communication lines and networks for duplex transmission of digital information over the 238 to 480 MHz frequency range with data rates in the main channel of 256 kbps, 512 kbps, 1024 kbps and 2048 kbps.

The station is used at stationary premises and on wheeled vehicles (when stationary) and can serve as a link between the mobile and the stationary components of a communication system.

Performed functions

The station provides:

  • Operation in the 1+0 and 1+1 configurations;
  • Automatic radio channel redundancy based on test of validity, receive level and hardware failure criteria;
  • Digital service channel with selective calling;
  • Additional digital channel with program-generated interface type;
  • Built-in equipment monitoring and test facilities;
  • Control and monitoring of the RRL network;
  • Local control and monitoring at station level;
  • Remote control and monitoring at RRL network level.

Maintenance and Diagnostics

Outdoor equipment:

  Antenna equipment;


Indoor equipment:

  Access module;

  PN-24/48 voltage changer.

Features & Benefits
  • Reliable, valid and noise-immune transmission of information in communication networks at high rates;
  • Long range of radio communication together with a high channel capacity is provided is;
  • The station can be used both on fixed and mobile objects.
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