Hardware and Software System for Development of the Automatic Flight Control Systems for UAV

Purpose / Description

The hardware and software system for development of the automatic flight control systems for UAV consists of automated workstations with the installed software. The system is designed to ensure the development, setting and testing of the UAV flight control system software in all flight stages.

Maintenance and Diagnostics
  • Data base workstation;
  • Interface workstation;
  • Workstation for UAV equipment simulation;
  • Diagnostic workstation;
  • Workstation for external effects simulation;
  • Flight dynamics workstation;
  • Workstation of the flight control system ground unit;
  • Workstation of the flight control system airborne unit.
Features & Benefits
  • The hardware and software system allows executing a setting of the coefficients for autopilot control laws for any UAV of an aircraft type without numerous real UAV flights.
  • The application of the system leads to a significant decrease of temporal and financial expenses during setting of the best coefficient set for the UAV autopilot control laws.
  • The system has possibility to analyze UAV behavior when airborne equipment and systems with different characteristics are used.
  • The possibility to simulate failures allows re-creating failure situations in the UAV system and elements operation and selecting the best ways to minimize possible damage in case of their appearance.
  • The hardware and software system provides protection against incorrect actions of the operator during UAV control in a flight and when inputting the initial data.
  • The data exchange is implemented according to the generally recognized information interaction protocol (Stanag).

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