Global monitoring system for quarry machinery

Purpose / Description

Automation of operation procedures, troubleshooting, display, collection and logging of the operation information on the state of nodes and units of BELAZ mine trucks applying the point-to-point operation solutions based on GPS/GLONASS signals of the satellite navigation system and wireless communication channels. The monitoring (tracking) module of our own production is installed as on-board equipment.

Performed functions

- Determining the trucks location and speed according to GPS/GLONASS signals with the RMSE not exceeding 10 m in co-ordinates and 15m in altitude;
- Data acquisition from the onboard systems located on CAN-bus via the onboard computer (Exchange protocol J1939);
- Data accumulation and storage about the location and telemetry information in the nonvolatile memory removable media;
- Data transmission to the OJSC BELAZ center and reception of commands via the wireless communication channel of GSM/GPRS standard;
- Control of the external battery charge (to ensure the workability when the truck onboard network is shut down).

Features & Benefits

The Global monitoring system for quarry machinery helps to improve the control over the mine truck vehicles by receiving of prompt precise information on a vehicle location and its technical status; it enables to reduce expenses and obtain the maximum efficiency of the equipment operation at sites.

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