Automation equipment for air traffic management in the aerodrome area

Purpose / Description

Automation of air traffic management in the local control unit zones, approach, circuit, start and taxiing of the aerodrome.

Main characteristics

  • Maximum quantity of aircrafts being under simultaneous control at least 1500;
  • Total quantity of processed daily and current flight plans up to 30 000.

Performed functions

The equipment has a modular design and executes the following functions:


  • Automated collection and processing of radar data from primary and secondary sources and provision of data on the current and predicted air situation;
  • Collection and processing of weather data from the sources (actual weather on a runway, dangerous weather events, METAR, TAF, SPECI, SIGMET messages) and its representation combined with AS at the controller workstations;
  • uninterrupted analysis of the current and predicted air situation on absence of the conflicts and correspondence to the flight plans;
  • Planning data reception and processing;
  • Generation and display of the arrival, departure, entry and losses lists;
  • Input and display of a landing course, airfield weather;
  • Display of bearing, weather data, heading glide path system state;
  • Automated reception and transmission of the control between the controllers of neighboring ATM sectors;


  • Uninterrupted automatic functioning check;
  • Data recording and playback.
Maintenance and Diagnostics
  • Unified controller workstations placed in closed or open types consoles (for a tower of the automated airport control tower) using high-resolution monitors and automatic adjustment to the external illumination;
  • Two PC for data processing and functional check, being in the hot backup mode;
  • Data transmission and switching equipment;
  • Uninterrupted power equipment.
Features & Benefits
  • Use of software tools with open codes (Linux OS, PostgreSQL DBMS);
  • Open architecture and standard data exchange protocols (ASTERIX, SNMP);
  • Use of mode S data in processing and display at WS;
  • Saving of individual screen component, individual settings and color set of the displayed data.
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