KAS circuit switch

Purpose / Description

The KAS circuit switch is designed for secure and non-secure telephone communication. It is applied in automated control systems and can be used together with transmit-receive radio stations working in the range of frequencies from 1.5 to 1000 MHz.

The device provides transmission of information over channels and networks formed by VHF and HF radio stations, over voice-frequency channels and wire communication lines.

Performed functions

Through the system administrators workstation the KAS provides:

  • System setup;
  • Routing table generation;
  • System diagnostics and status indication.
Maintenance and Diagnostics
  • Two-channel mode, i.e. simultaneous information reception on two lines, information transmission on any of the two lines;
  • Indication of operating modes on the liquid-crystal display and indication of the numbers of connected subscribers/channels;
  • Full and abbreviated (direct-access buttons) dialing;
  • Alerting and voice signal loudness control;
  • Built-in functional check;
  • Automatic and requested connections;
  • Two-way conference communication. Two conference sessions can be held simultaneously, with up to 20 subscribers in each session.
Features & Benefits

Maintenance and diagnostics

The KAS maintenance and diagnostics is carried out with the help of a PC connected to an RS-232 COM port.

The KAS units have built-in functional check with status indication.

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