Dnepr hardware-software system of the microprocessor interlocking control

Purpose / Description
  • The hardware-software system of the microprocessor interlocking control (Dnepr) is intended for the centralized control, monitoring and testing of the equipment technical status to ensure the implementation of the transportation procedure. The hardware-software system of the microprocessor interlocking control is applied for development of new products and update of existing electrical centralized controls. 

Features & Benefits

- a high level of reliability due to duplication of separate nodes including CPU the core of a microprocessor interlocking control and continuous data sharing between a central processor and control and monitoring assets;
- an extended set of technological functions including route locking without traffic lights switch-on, interlocking of switches in the required position prohibiting the traffic, isolated sections to exclude the route assignment and etc.;
- provide the operating and technical personnel the enhanced  info on the status of the station signal devices, with a possibility  to transmit this and other info to the regional transport control center;
- a possibility to implement the centralized and decentralized location of site controllers in order to control station assets and trackside assets;
 - apply the equipment with significantly smaller dimensions allowing replacement of outdated interlocking systems for new ones without building new stations;
- a possibility to obtain the operation parameters of the floor-mounted signal devices from the archive for the subsequent forecast of their condition or planning for repairs and maintenance without hardware total failure.

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