Railway station automated control system - ѻ (RSACS)

Purpose / Description

The railway station automated control system (RSACS) is designed:

  • - to automate the technological procedures when processing the car traffic volume for a railway yard;
  • - to create dynamic car model, status of receipt-departure, sorting and other railway station lines;
  • - to arrange a railway station freight operation;
  • - to run the archive registration of a car-departure railway station with the data retention of 7 years;
  • - to solve the applied tasks of a station accountancy;
  • - to exchange of data with an upper level system.

Features & Benefits

The automated workstations of RSACS are focused to perform the functions directly referring to the staff duties.

The system implements the possibility to create a workstation required by the ultimate technological process of the railway station on the basis of a set of standard functions.

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