AIirborne radar surveillance system

Purpose / Description

The airborne radar surveillance system is designed for surveillance of air, ground and surface situation in the designated area and transmission of information to a ground command post, as well as for control of attached aircraft and air defence missile units.

Performed functions

The system provides:

  • Radar reconnaissance of air targets;
  • Radar and electronic reconnaissance of ground and surface targets;
  • Reception of information about air, ground and surface situation from other airborne radar surveillance systems and ground command posts;
  • Processing of information from various sources (fusion of data of different types);
  • Dissemination of air, ground and surface situation to higher, subordinate and interacting command posts;
  • Control of the airborne radar, electronic reconnaissance and electronic countermeasures equipment and IFF system;
  • Directing of attack aircraft to ground and surface targets;
  • Directing of fighter aircraft and control of air defence missile systems for engagement of air targets;
  • Forecast of the effects of planned operations using attack and fighter aviation and air defence missile forces;
  • Real-time distribution of detected air targets between fighters and air defence missile units;
  • Control of airborne crews.
Features & Benefits

Continuous and dynamic control.

Extended command field.

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