Manufacturing of printed-circuit boards


OJSC AGAT Control Systems manufactures single- and double-sided printed-circuit boards by means of subtractive process (mainly in small batches).

Technical characteristics of printed-circuit boards

Minimum conductor width, mm 0.25
Minimum distance between edges of conductive pattern elements, mm 0.15
Minimum diameter of plated-through holes, mm 0.3
Guarantee belt, mm 0.05
Maximum board size, mm 400 500
Material fiber-glass plastic (FR4 grade)
Copper foil thickness, mcm 35 (18, 50)
Coating of conductive pattern elements:
Coating of edge board contacts 6
Soldering mask: liquid photoformed; colours: green, black, white
Marking by screen-printing technique; colours: black, white
Raw printed circuit boards can be supplied. Minimum group blank plate, mm 160110
Quality control acc. to GOST 23752-79 and customers design documentation
Periodic testing for 3-grade stiffness
Time of manufacture 2 to 4 weeks

Artworks for printed-circuit boards are manufactured with the help of a laser image generator from different data media (drawing, PCAD 4.5, PCAD 2000-2006, GERBER RS-274-X, Altium Designer, CAM 350, etc.).

The cost of manufacture includes the costs of process preparation (manufacturing of artworks and programs for NC machines) and the actual costs for manufacturing of printed-circuit boards.