AGAT to Present its Latest Developments at the Exhibition of Belarusian Defence Companies


On December 31, 2018, at the session of the State Military and Industrial Committee there will be held the exhibition of developments performed in 2016-2017 by Belarusian defence companies.

On the premises of OJSC AGAT Control Systems 20 companies will present its innovative software and hardware solutions based on the advanced information technologies, created by the companies for different industries of Belarusian economy.

At its exposition OJSC AGAT Control Systems will introduce for the first time its new Sosna-2 digital relay station based on the mobile rapid deployable -414 platform, the Vector-T01 UAV and technologies for development of UAV flight control system software. As well AGAT will show other advanced commercial developments: LTE-based automated control system for electricians and maintenance personnel, solutions for traffic monitoring, etc.