VERSHINA Automated Control System

Purpose / Description

The system is intended to be used at fixed and mobile command posts of radio-radar brigades (regiments) for automated collection and processing of data from radar-locating, radio-radar and other sensors, as well as for the common airspace situation generation in the area of responsibility and the airspace use control.

Features & Benefits

System for real-time control of AF and SAM reconnaissance assets.

Collection and processing of data from subordinate radio-radar divisions and sensors, transmission of data to AF, SAM and Army Forces command posts.

Collection of real-time data from secondary radars and ATC automated system, generation of common information of the air situation based on all available data sources.

Automatic friend-or-foe identification of targets. Airspace use control.

Full Mission Support:

Planning, preparation of combat documents, summarizing of data, report generation, digital mapping of the situation.

Modular Design:

System adjustment for the active radars and sensors, flexible structure, complex of channel-forming communication facilities, multifold information-technical and logic integration.

Flexible and friendly decision support tools.

Friendly human-system interface.

Operational and field proven.

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