Device for control of energy quality parameters (UK1)

Purpose / Description

The UK1 device is a high-precision measuring device based on advanced digital technologies. The device is used at power supply objects for collecting, processing and storing data about energy quality parameters in accordance with GOST 13109-97.


Performed functions

The device provides:

  • Direct connection to single-phase and three-phase 0.38 kV networks, connection to networks with larger voltages through measuring transformers;
  • Measurement of various energy quality parameters in full compliance with GOST 13109-97;
  • Calculation and storing of values of quality parameters instead of results of statistical treatment, which makes it possible to analyze the state of the controlled power network in detail for the whole period of measurements;
  • Stand-alone accumulation of data during more than four months; measurement results, including measurements at different power supply objects can be stored in the device for an unlimited period of time;
  • Statistical treatment of accumulated data and comparison of the results with prescribed energy quality standards;
  • User-friendly interface (with a large liquid-crystal display and a keyboard) allowing to control the device with the help of a comprehensive menu system and to view measurement results both in textual and in graphical form;
  • Printout of energy quality reports without a PC;
  • Two interfaces for communication with PCs;
  • On-line viewing of accumulated data and current parameters (energy quality parameters existing currently in the power network) and transmission of data to a PC as they become available;
  • Non-stop (cyclic) measurement mode for stationary applications, with the possibility of on-line viewing of accumulated data and its transmission to a PC.

Maintenance and Diagnostics

The UK1 device is listed in the public register of measuring instruments of the Republic of Belarus under  RB 03 13 1654 02, in the public register of measuring instruments of the Russian Federation under 31448-06 and has corresponding certificates.

The high quality of the device is ensured by the high-technology manufacturing process certified under ISO 9001.

The UK1 device is recommended by the BelEnergo Concern and is used by many Belarusian electric power inspection services, power supply plants, industrial enterprises and organizations.