Simulator for an underground electric train driver

Purpose / Description

The hardware-software system of Simulator of an underground electric train driver is intended for the ultimate training, check of train drivers level and assessment of drivers reaction and performance validity during cases of emergency and off-nominal situations.

Performed functions

- simulation of an underground electric train car performance (81-717 series and versions);
- simulation of the motion in tunnels, along station platforms, bays, in a depot group of tracks and in depot (based on the digital video recording);
- display of rear-view mirrors (status of photo-diode lamps, fire, smoke, passengers when entering and leaving a train);
- simulation of the operation of alarm and blocking devices (ALS-ARS, traffic lights, automatic locks);
- simulation of the station display operation  bearing the indication of the current and interval time;
- simulation of emergency situation stating the time of their elimination;
- simulation of off-nominal underground situations;
- formation of a sound environment in a train driver cabin;
- run the database referring to training (retraining) of train drivers.

    Features & Benefits

    The simulator can create the situations which is hard to imitate in a moving train without breaching the underground  operation schedule:

    A wide choice of off-nominal and emergency situations, precise control over the course of the training and constant readiness for work are contributing to the fact that those who have been trained and control at the simulator will quickly acquire high-quality training for activities in the event of train malfunctions, off-nominal situations which leads to enhance the transport traffic safety.

    The simulator of an electric train driver is installed at the electric train depot of Moskovskoye, Mogilevskoye of Minsk underground, at the technical school of Kiev underground and Baku underground (Republic of Azerbaijan).

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