TINS-02-07-4 Data Communication Terminal

Purpose / Description

TINS-02-07-4 Data Communication Terminal is designed to be installed on a vehicle for remote monitoring of its movement through GPS/GLONASS tracking system.

GPS/GLONASS tracker of TINS-02-07-4 ensures:

- Position-finding and direction of the object movement using GPS/GLONASS signals through GSM network.
- Data transmission to several servers
- Data storage in the memory if there is no connection with a server
- Connection of
fuel level sensor, volumeters etc.
- CAN-bus support.

Features & Benefits

You can buy our vehicle tracker TINS-02-07-4 on favorable terms:
- Unique terms of service when purchasing GPS/GLONASS trackers (starting from 1 ruble exc VAT)
- Skilled installation of trackers, fuel level sensors, volumeters on a vehicle
- Warranty service

DOWNLOAD software (for serial numbers 150001-170000)

DOWNLOAD software (for serial numbers 170001-171250)

Belarusian GPS/GLONASS tracker TINS-02-07-4 is a navigation terminal produced by AGAT Control Systems (network operator in the field of navigation in the Republic of Belarus).

GPS/GLONASS tracker TINS-02-07-4 meet the requirements of technical regulations of the Custom Union 020/2011 Electromagnetic compatibility of hardware, standards of the Republic of Belarus STB 1356-2011, STB 1692-2009, STB IEC 60950-1-2003.

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