POLYANA-E Automated Control System

Purpose / Description

The system is intended to be used at SAM brigade (regiment) command posts for automated control of weapons and reconnaissance means of the SAM brigade (including mixed structure).

Features & Benefits

Real-time control system for SAM assets

Reception, processing and storage of information about the air situation, performing of tactical calculations, allocation of targets, automated and computer-aided combat orders generation and execution control.

Control of SAM systems directly or from the system (division groups) command posts, control of the combat order execution.

Full Mission Support:

Planning, performing tactical calculations, allocation of targets, report generation, situation awareness, digital mapping of the situation.

Modular Design:

System adjustment for the active inventory of SAM brigades (regiments), multiple architecture options, complex of channel-forming communication facilities, connectivity to assorted sensors.

Flexible and friendly decision support tools.

Friendly human-system interface.

Operational and field proven.

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