Vehicle Monitoring System of the Navigation-Information Center

Purpose / Description

The Satellite Vehicle Tracking System GPS/GLONASS is intended to control, position-finding and monitoring the movement of transport or other mobile objects based on GPS/GLONASS technologies.


You can monitor the following information of the objects of your interest with max efficiency and without much effort in real time:

- their speed;
- direction of movement;
- route;
- readings of the vehicle sensors and a lot of other parameter.

Performed functions

- Vehicle fleet monitoring in real time. On-line monitoring of the transport movement in real time.
- Tracks. Obtaining of information on the vehicle route.
- Monitoring of routes. Monitoring of the en-route movement of the vehicle.
- Geo zones. Monitoring of the transport movement in the specified areas.
- My places. Mark on the map the places of your interest.
- Tasks. You can easily create any set of scheduled activities. The system will independently perform the assigned tasks.
- Notifications. Notifications on various events where the object is involved. For example, enter/exit the geo zone, overspeed or reducing the speed, deviation from a route.
- Reports. Generate the required reports for any time period.

Features & Benefits

We propose:
- The cost of monitoring per 1 vehicle is from 1 ruble exc VAT per month
- Unique terms of service when purchasing our GPS-trackers
- Flexible discount system
- High-skilled staff of engineers
- Partner network throughout Belarus

Why do people choose us:
- We are a network operator in the field of navigation in the Republic of Belarus
- Navigation equipment (GPS-trackers) of our own production.
- Connection of the devices to monitor the fuel consumption (fuel level sensor, volumeters)
- Connection of the navigation equipment, which you have already installed, to the system
- Support of more than 300 various kinds of navigation equipment

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