SHLEM: Manpad unit control complex

Purpose / Description
The Shlem is used for automated control of an air defence unit composed of Igla man-portable air defense systems (MANPAD), using air situation data (air tracks) received from a radar source.
Performed functions

The commanders workstation provides:

  • Determination of position of the commanders workstation and the launchers using data provided by satellite navigation systems;
  • Reception of air situation data from the higher control post and its display on the digital map;
  • Automatic and automated target distribution;
  • Input of ground objects and tactical information and their display on the digital map;
  • Transmission of target designations to launchers over a radio link;
  • Control of combat operations;
  • Recording of the units combat operations;
  • Crew training.

The launchers provide:

  • Reception of control commands and target designations from the commanders workstation;
  • Calculation and indication of the direction for launching tube correction relative to the target;
  • Automatic position finding;
  • Transmission of launcher status information and coordinates to the commanders workstation.

The engineers workstation provides:

  • Preparation of ground situation, tactical information and map and their uploading to the commanders workstation;
  • Preparation of training scenarios and their uploading to the commanders workstation;
  • Downloading of recorded data from the commanders workstation and its playback;
  • Setup and diagnostics of the commanders workstation and the launchers.
Maintenance and Diagnostics
  • Commanders workstation;
  • Launchers (up to 9 pcs.);
  • Engineers workstation (option).
Features & Benefits

Optimal distribution of air targets between SAM shooters is provided.

The MANPAD efficiency doubles.

The complex can be integrated with existing and future automated air defence systems.

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