Automation equipment system for flight management and flight support teams of the state aviation airbase

Purpose / Description

The Product is intended for equipping airfield control towers with automation equipment to ensure control of flight management and flight support teams of state aviation airbase.

Performed functions

The Product ensures:

  • Reception, processing, storage, display and output of information on air situation;
  • Reception (input), processing, storage, display and output of information on air space structure including runtime structure about planned non-standard routes and flight zones, areas of temporary modes and short-term constraints;
  • Information exchange on activities related to the airspace use with superior and interacting aviation command posts and administrative bodies of Unified Air Traffic Control system;
  • Homing of aircrafts to the landing airfield as well as en-route flights and flight patterns in the airfield area;
  • Forming a flow of aircrafts to be landed and aircraft flight control in the holding area of the airfield;
  • Ensuring flight safety (revealing conflicts in flight plans, hazardous proximity prevention, prevention of aircraft descending lower than safe altitude, preventing aircraft from entering hazardous weather phenomena, prevention of aircraft violating the rules of airspace use, prohibited and dangerous zones, state border, information support of the activities performed flight management and flight support teams in case of abnormal operations in flight)
  • Direct control of flights in the airfield area, with commands transmission on board an aircraft by voice;
  • Ensuring execution of stand-alone and integrated training of the personnel from flight management and flight support teams of state aviation airbase.
Maintenance and Diagnostics


  • Processing equipment of radar and radio technical information (main and back-up)
  • Two data processing servers performing the functions of data transmitting module, data processing module and database server in hot stand-by mode;
  • Unified automated workstations (AWS) intended for the work of flight management team;
  • Universal time system;
  • Switching facilities and data transmitting equipment;
  • Subsystem of runtime command communication;
  • Power supply and lighting facilities.
Features & Benefits
  • Ensuring information and technical interfacing both with analogue sources of radar and radio-technical information (radio-technical landing system, short-range radio-technical navigation system, mobile radar altimeter, automatic direction finder) and digital radars (including ground interrogator) of the following types such as P-18BM, 19ZH6, Vostok, Rosa;
  • Provision of flight management and flight support teams with planning information;
  • Use of the software with open codes (S Linux, database management system PostgreSQL);
  • Saving of individual screen layout, individual settings, and colors of the displayed information.
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