Hardware and software system of computer-based interlocking of railway switches and signals Dnepr

Purpose / Description
  • High level of reliability due to duplication of individual nodes, including CPU CBI core, and continuous information exchange between the central processor and objects under control and monitoring;
  • Extended set of technological functions including route locking without traffic lights switch-on, blocking of switches in the required position, prohibiting light-signal aspects, isolated sections to exclude the route specification and etc.;
  • Provision to the operating and technical personnel with extended information on the status of the signaling devices at the station, with the capability of transmitting this information and other information to the regional transport control center;
  • Capability of centralized and decentralized location of object controllers in order to control station objects and station-to-station travel objects;
  • Significantly smaller dimensions of the equipment that allows replacing legacy interlocking systems without building new posts;
  • Capability of obtaining the operation parameters of the floor-mounted signaling devices from the archive for the subsequent prediction of their condition or planning for repair and adjustment avoiding complete failure of these devices.
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