Road controller for - traffic light installations

Purpose / Description

    Operating temperature range, º  from -40 to +50                             
    Relative humidity (without forced heating or ventilation), % up to 100, (35)
    Supply voltage (frequency - 50 hz), V
    170 250
    Power, load free, W
    Up to 25   
    The number of independently controlled power circuits for connecting traffic light lamps (determined by a design style)   8,16, 24,32
    Load current (Traffic lights with LED - indicators): 

    maximum, A

    minimum, mA




    Joint load current of all power circuits,
     Up to 25
    Weight (with a cabinet), kg
     Up to 61
    Overall dimensions (with a cabinet), mm

    The following units can be supplied with - road controller:

     Engineering console applied for software engineering of - road controller at the installation site;

     5 interface module  to ensure - road controller operation via wireless GSM/GPRS communication lines;

            Module of traffic detectors.

    Features & Benefits
    • - traffic lights control according to the programs are uploaded before the installation and automatically changed by the time of a day, days of a week and months;
    • - operation as part of an automated traffic control system (Start protocol);
    • - software engineering of - traffic controller is made with a help of PC or via an engineering console   (at an operation site) via RS-232interface;
    • - a possibility to install extra equipment inside a controller cabinet (e.g., electric power meter);
    • - shutdown of traffic lights in cases of emergency or when there is a short circuit in a power circuit;
    • - automatic transition of traffic lights into flashing yellow when red lamps are out of order;
    • -  running of an operation weblog specifying the date and time of the equipment failures;
    • - if required the cabinet can be equipped with an adapter unit ensuring the assembly for any installation dimensions.

    Besides there is a possibility to install extra equipment inside the controller cabinet, e.g. an electric power meter. If required the cabinet can be equipped with an adapter facilitating the assembly for any installation dimensions.

    An Engineering console can be supplied jointly with a road controller (lot of controllers).

    For a number of years - road controllers have been operated in the cities of Kaliningrad, Minsk, Molodechno, Borisov, Bobruisk, Baranovichi, Soligorsk, Zhodino and etc.

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