Automated energy control and metering system

Purpose / Description
The automated energy control and metering system is a combination of a hardware-software complex and end information transducers that performs the following tasks:
    commercial energy metering;
    technological (technical) energy metering at an enterprises subdivisions for energy loss detection.

The system is based on both the hardware and software by OJSC AGAT Control Systems as well as commercially available computer and communication equipment and LAN facilities by various manufacturers.
The system integrates:
    measuring current and voltage transformers;
    end devices (energy meters of various types by different manufacturers);
    data collection and transmission devices;
    DB server, users automated workstations (WS);
    Advanced data collection and delivery facilities.

Performed functions

    energy metering;
    combination of control, metering and management functions;
    building of local and distribution hierarchical systems;
    adaptation to any energy saving objects and charts;
    integration into automated systems of an enterprise with data transmission to information systems;
    Windows operating system;
    database based on Microsoft SQL Server.

Maintenance and Diagnostics
Automated Energy Control and Metering System of the Power Industry
OJSC AGAT Control Systems is the General Designer and General Contractor for the project Automated Energy Control and Metering System of Interstate and Intersystem Energy Flows and Generation of the Republic of Belarus. The system includes about 30 power stations and over 200 substations.

Automated systems for control and commercial metering of industrial enterprises:
OJSC AGAT Control Systems;
Mogilev Rayon Factory;
Baranovichi Automated Lines Plant;
Skidel Sugar Refinery;
Minsk Motor Plant;
Bereza Feed-Milling Plant;
Bereza Water Power Plant;
Belarusian Railways;
Transnational Corporation BP West.

Automated systems for control and technical metering of electric energy of industrial enterprises:
Belarusian Metallurgical Works;
Rechitsa Hardware Plant.

Automated Energy Control and Metering Systems of mobile operators:
Mobile Digital Networks;

Features & Benefits

    multirate settlements with electric energy suppliers and consumers based on precise, reliable, legitimate and current metering data;
    increased energy consumption and saving efficiency thanks to remote energy metering automation on a real-time basis;
    on-line detection of electric energy balance and voltage at an enterprise and its subdivisions with loss detection;
    reduction of time necessary for data processing by economic departments of an enterprise due to rapid reception of valid on-line information about power consumption.

1. The system is based on individual stand-alone components and can be scaled from small metering points to metering systems of large power engineering objects.

2. Implementing the automated energy control and metering system OJSC AGAT Control Systems performs complete scope of works that includes:
    development and designing of the system;
    construction and assembly;
    metrological certification;
    personnel training;
    commissioning and start-up of the system.

3. Before implementation of the system at the Customers facilities all hardware and software is tested in the system complex simulation center on the basis of operating equipment of OJSC AGAT Control Systems.

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