Automated workstation for accounting and deployment of the traffic control equipment

Purpose / Description

-      increase the activity automation level of units for accounting of traffic control assets;

-      creation of a unique info space on the basis of the local area network and modern software technologies.

Performed functions

The program of traffic signs deployment program ensures implementation of the following functions:

1.  Displaying of cities and towns electronic maps or their graphic images not to scale without scaling and with the possibility to specify the site deployment for road traffic control and upon request, display of reference information on traffic control assets placed on a map, possibility to search for streets and step like zoom-up.

2. Filling of traffic signs certificates

The traffic sign certificates contain the following info and reference manual is run as follows:

 - generation and running of the integrated database according to the data specified in the certificate for traffic signs;
- generation, display and printing of reports on traffic signs;
- information on unused IDs;
- information on signs to be replaced;
- information on signs according to the range of setup dates;
- information on signs according to their types;
- information on signs according to the Standards of the Republic of Belarus 1140-99 [STB 1140-99];
- information on signs according to the specified account numbers;
- information on signs to be installed in future;
- information on availability of a technological flow diagram (TFD) of    the road traffic;
- search of traffic signs with a help of any keys;
- print output of free form tables;
- print output of the info referring to dismounted traffic signs;
- reference book of fastening methods;
- reference book of city streets;
- reference book of traffic sign types;
- reference book of sign codes;
- reference book of signs dimension type;
- reference book of signs identity;
- reference book of inscriptions in a sign field;
- reference book of the performance life;
- reference book of road marking.

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