2S015 automatic switchboard

Purpose / Description

2S015 automatic switchboard (AS) is designed for telecommunication systems of special-purpose fixed and mobile (wheeled chassis based) ACS objects.

Performed functions

2S015 automatic switchboard provides the following functions from the administrators workstation:

  • system configuration;
  • generation of routing-address tables;
  • diagnostics and display of the 2S015 AS current status.

2S015 AS software operates in CentOS 5.6.

Connection establishment methods

Automatic and customized connection establishment.

Conference communications

2015 AS enables to establish two-way conferences between the subscribers.

Simultaneously up to 2 conferences can be established, with up to 10 subscribers participating in each one. Herewith the key phone enables to establish two conferences simultaneously.

Maintenance and Diagnostics

The 2S015 AS maintenance and diagnostics is carried out with the help of a PC via RS-232, Ethernet 10/100 Mbps.

The 2S015 AS units have built-in functional check with status indication.


Time to failure 10,000 hours.

Operating temperature range from -10  to +40 .

Features & Benefits

2S015 AS can be used in conjunction with transmit-receive radio facilities operating in 1.5 1,000 MHz frequency range. The device can operate in radio networks with broadcasting and personal calls being sent to the subscribers.

For data transmission 2S015 AS employs the channels and networks formed by VHF and HF communicators, audio frequency channels and wire lines.